Home Inspection Services

A home inspection service is a visual examination of the condition of the major systems of the home, including the roof, exterior, structure, electrical, heating, cooling, plumbing, insulation and interior.

An home inspector should never advise you whether or not to purchase the property. The goal of the home inspection service is to identify and report on any existing major problems.It is neither a guarantee that nothing will go wrong with a house nor an insurance policy that will cover any problems that may develop. It is designed to minimize your risk, not eliminate it and to inform you about any upcoming maintenance or repairs that might be needed in the future.

A thorough Vancouver Home Inspection will normally take between three and four hours, depending on the size and age of the home and property.
Bring your Questions….Following the completion of the house or condo inspections you will have a chance to ask your questions and discuss any of your concerns.

Within hours of your home inspection service you will be provided with a detailed, comprehensive inspection report including pictures of the home, documenting the home’s condition, as observed at the time of the inspection. An electronic version of the inspection report will be sent to you via email or by request, a hard-copy report.


Buyers Inspection

(Pre-Purchase Home Inspection)

A pre-purchase home inspection provides Home
with a synopsis of the condition of your
future home and what to expect in the way of
maintenance in future years.


Home Warranty Inspection

(New Home Inspection)

Now that you have lived in your newly constructed
home for some time, you should have your home
inspected by a qualified home inspector in order to
submit any defects or deficiencies to the New
Home Warranty Program.


Sellers Inspection

(Pre-Listing Home Inspections)

A Pre-Listing Home Inspection provides Home
planning on selling, time to repair or
disclose any issues avoiding any last minute
negotiations that change or delay the sale of the
home. A prelisting inspection can equal a faster


Maintenance Inspection

(Home Owners Inspections)

A Maintenance or Pre-Renovation Inspection leads
to money spent in the right places. Checking out
the house systems can help Home Owners
prioritize repairs and maintenance and provide
information to prepare your home for a lifetime.


Commercial & Business Home Inspections

Arbutus Home Inspections Inc. provides
inspections for commercial clients looking for a
visual inspection report for Multi-Family Housing,
Office Buildings, Warehouses, Medical Facilities,
Restaurants and Retail Space.