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Rick at Arbutus Home Inspections Inc. is ready to answer your questions, explain the scope of a home and condo inspection and walk you through the safety and maintenance routines you need to keep a safe and sound home.

Connect today to find out more about our home inspection services.

You will be provided with:

  • A confidential, detailed, comprehensive home inspection report within 24 hours
  • A chance to answer any of the concerns or questions you may have about the home inspection service and an explanation of the general findings of the report so you can make an informed decision before you buy, sell or renovate.
  • An electronic or hard copy real estate inspection report, including pictures and an outline of any major repairs that are needed to maintain a safe and sound home.
An inspection completed by an Accredited Home Inspector who is a member of a Professional Inspection Association within BC and one that has a background in residential construction will ensure that the home in inspected with the Associations Scope of Practice.