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Rick Richardson is one of Vancouver’s Home Inspectors who will take the time to conduct a very thorough inspection and then explain to you the inspections results in simple terms. You will have a chance to learn about your new home’s safety and mechanical features and ask all of your questions. Often there are questions to ask the builder or to seek additional advise, Rick will ensure that you are armed with the information you need to know. This will give you a chance to submit any defects or deficiencies to the contractor or the New Home Warranty Program. This new home inspection should be scheduled to be performed before you buy the home or anywhere from 30 days after taking possession to just before the year anniversary.
The New Home Inspection can help you accurately fill out the deficiency list on the home builder warranty forms.


A typical new house inspection includes a detailed review of the exterior of the home and the property including the garage or carport plus the interior of the home. Major deficiencies will be pointed out along with minor repairs that will maintain the future value of your home.


A typical condo home inspection includes a detailed review of the interior of the unit and a general “walk through” of selected accessible common areas of the complex. These include the underground parking area, the general exterior and the roof (if access is provided). The common area “walk through” is not designed to generate an all-inclusive list of building flaws but is meant to enable the inspector to comment on building design features which tend to result in problems as well as the general level of building maintenance.
The information gathered may suggest follow-up questions for clients to ask the vendor of the property, the strata council or the property manager. We strongly recommend that all available information about the building in question regarding past or present problems and planned major expenditures be obtained.

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